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"Don't go out!" - Walter

Silent Hill 4 Fans
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Ahh, Silent Hill 4. A game both loved and loathed by the Silent Hill fandom, but mostly it's loathing. Whether you're an SH4 fan who's feeling alienated by the fandom for this reason, frustrated by the lack of people who'd want to discuss it, or just want a hang out at a place that'll quench your thirst for SH4-related content, then this place has your name on it.

1. You need to be someone who enjoys Silent Hill 4 in some way, of course.
2. Fanfiction and fanart is always fine, but please mark your post with a warning if it contains R/NC-17-related content. If you don't mark it within two days or so, your post will be deleted.
3. Place any major spoilers or large images behind an lj-cut when posting. Again, if you don't do this, your post will be deleted.
4. No flamewars and try to be as polite as you can to prevent these from occuring.
5. All posts must be related to Silent Hill 4 in some way, not just the Silent Hill series in general. (this goes for advertising communities, too)

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